New Template - Top Shelf Forms

I am proud to announce a new template - Top Shelf Forms (check it out!)

It is a Form creation app - somewhat similar to JotForm / Formstack, Google Forms, etc., but with a Modern interface and UI elements.

Until Sunday 10pm Eastern - this app is only $99!
This amount of development is usually worth over $2,000, but don’t worry the price will only be going up to $199 after Sunday.
With this purchase you will receive all future updates and upgrades to this app

Form Example:

Form Editor:

Viewing Submissions:

If you notice any bugs or areas for obvious improvements in the app please let me know so I can fix it!

*Please Note this is an advanced app based on the Conditions, Data Structure and Workflows used, so if you plan to do a lot of editing to it we recommend you have a basic level of Bubble abilities.


Get it Now - Top Shelf Forms Template | Bubble

PS - We have done our best to limit other Visitors from seeing the Data you input while testing the app, but since we want you to be able to test things out there may be some areas where other visitors will be able to see the info you input - so please no malicious, offensive or personal information!

Geoff | Top Shelf Templates


2 Updates

Added ‘Address’ as an input type. The form now supports:

  • 5 input types (text, number, email, phone, address)
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Choice (1 or unlimited selections)
  • Basic explainer text

And every field can be set as required or not required, with in-form validation:

Added Gradient Suggestions to the Form Editor. Now when you customize your form Background, we suggest 4 preset Gradient options that you can preview live on the page:


Any plans to update the app to be able to add images in the body of the forms similar to the text explainer functionality? This would allow you to give options and explain them or reference pictures of items, etc.

What about an export data functionality on the form data?

Customized for reply and response email?

Nice looking app!

Will either add in some more field options, or add instructions on how to add to it as everyone might have a preference for different field types.

Export Data (Download as CSV) is tricky with Dynamic forms because of the dynamic number of fields, but there are some work arounds I can include in the app soon.

For the customized reply, is this when a User completes the form?

I understand the dynamic field issue. Is there a way to export all fields? In one of my apps (different platform), I have an export to excel function that pulls all DB data for each record in the search even though the actual page only has a few fields on it. The end user can remove what they want and I don’t have to monkey with grabbing only specific fields.

Maybe provide a step that the creator can choose to provide an email confirmation upon completion of the form? This is something google forms does not do. You have to use an addon to do it. It is a really great way to send a link with invoice, link to buy now, etc. This would be in addition to an editable completion screen once someone finishes the form.

Will get something in place for Exporting this week, but not sure about much more around the confirmation part other than maybe customizing a message.

Will also come out with some more info around the Data setup and workflow, so people who get this template can customize it to their own needs. Thanks for the feedback!

Quick reminder, after today the price will be going to it’s regular price of $199. Get it early and save big!

The responsive landing page alone is a great modern design for any project :smiley:

Can the fields be resorted?

Are you referring to the Submitted Answers? Or the Fields in each form?

The fields in each form can be sorted in any sequence. The fields on the Submitted Answers chart cannot be sorted right now, however there are only a few steps to add in sorting (need to use dynamic sorting and use some creativity)

Happy to help setup custom sorting if needed

Hello Geof,
Could you confirm me if this template is still working, because I am interested on it, but the viewing of submissions is not working currrently.

Are you able to send more specifics of what exactly is not working?
Maybe copyy and paste the URL that is not working for you? As there could be a Form without any responses or some corrupt data?

Just checked and the submissions appear to be showing fine for me:

Hi @gf_wolfer,
Have you included the download as CSV functionality in your template?

Hi there, unfortunately no. There have been some good improvements into how Bubble outputs Data since this template was originally created, so we will make an improvement to the Data functions and include a CSV download option when we are also asked by Bubble to update the Template for the new responsive engine (not 100% on a date there but hopefully soon)

Do you have an ETA for this new improvement?

Still waiting to see when Bubble reaches out to us about the new Responsive engine - so I’m not sure when exactly.

For the Download functionality, it would be based on this Plugin and Bubble’s ability to format a list 1T - CSV Creator 3.0

OK. Thanks a lot for your answer.