Offering $50 for this CSS task

Good day

I will pay $50 to the first person who can demonstrate on his own app how to achieve the following two CSS text animation effects in a way that I can easily copy their method on my own app. I haven’t used the plugins that I know are required to achieve this and because I am rather busy at the moment with non-bubble related work, I would rather pay someone who can show me how it is setup and then I just copy the workflows from their app.

The two effects:
(text transform)

I’m doing it here and I’ll send you the links

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phrase9, come on.

Send me your bubble email and I’ll create a copy of the plugin I created for you and also send you the code by email that you can easily copy and paste if you want to use the bubble’s HTML element.

Follow the link of the GLITCH effect. The other effect I will create and I’ll send it to you.

I found it easier to create a plugin for you. If you want to use the effect on more than one text, you won’t have to copy several lines of CSS code to replicate it, just put the “Text Glitch” element on your page.

I’m going to start doing the second effect now.

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Many thanks Adrian. My bubble email is

phrase9, I sent the plugin to you.

I’m going to explain a few things you need to pay attention to for the effect to work.

You will inform the value of the “ID Attribute” in the “Element ID” field to inform the text that should receive the effect.

In “Text Content” the exact value of the text you want the effect. If the text is for example “Hello, this is a failure” the field must receive the same value.

The background color where the text is located must be the same as informed as well as the text color. Following these steps will work perfectly.

I’m sending you an e-mail now with instructions on how to do it with pure CSS on the bubble page.

Thanks Adrian. This offer is closed everyone as I am going with Adrian’s solution. Another Bubbler DMed me also with a partial demo so I will be giving him a $25 for the effort.

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