NEW FREE Animate Font Awesome Plugin

Hey Guys,

New plugin released. Animate icons, animated icons found in text labels too… On load or on hover! Workflow actions coming soon


Looks cool! Good Work!

Could you share a link to a demo?

Don’t have a demo site yet

Anything that comes for free for the community is awesome period. :slight_smile:

Thanks man.

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No worries.

Hey Ali,

This is awesome, could you share a simple workflow of it being utilised?

Anyone know how to use this? @AliFarahat, I ve filled out all the inputs but nothing is happening.

I just tried and you are right nothing seems to happen, perhaps we are using it wrong.

Nope given up on this one and looking for an alternative.

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Just tried this out and it works just fine.
To help anyone to figure it out, here’s how it works:

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 11.36.25

Add a text element with a Font Awesome Icon on it – is just a matter of putting a icon class name between [fa] [/fa] tags. Search for all the Font Awesome v4 icons here.

Then, just give this element an ID, add the Animate Font Awesome plugin element to the page and pass the element ID you just created into it – and voi’la!