Free tool: Bubble iOS code generator

Trying to get your app on the App Store? I just launched a free mobile code generator that packages your Bubble app and generates all the files you need to use with the Adobe PhoneGap system.

The BubbleiOS generator is free to use even if you don’t have a subscription to the Code-free startup. Just a login is needed. I built the tool with Bubble + Blockspring, and it’s designed to wipe all data from the database once a week.

Launched in relation to: New Video Course: Build an app like Uber/Postmates and submit it to the App Store!

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @ZeroqodeSupport or


Amazing work. Thank you! Since this is using phonegap, does that mean it could just as easily work for Android?

Believe so! I’d double check the plugins since I optimized for iOS, but you should be able to push to Android too.


Would also love to encourage anyone to post their app store link here after they’ve been approved. More apps in the app store = better for Bubble :slight_smile:


Anyone else use this code generator + phonegap and have their app stuck on the splash screen when trying to access in test flight?

I have a feeling I probably made a small error when I packaged the zip file. Anyone experience anything similar?

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@OnDemandCloner I had the same problem while trying to access the native app I converted from Bubble app, using @brentsum Code-Free Startup course. After a dozen trial-and-error runs with PhoneGap, following the video tutorial instructions, I got PhoneGap to spit out a .ipa, and when I started up the app, it loaded the initial splash screen, then got stuck on a pale blue screen. Very frustrating. Anyone else find a fix for this problem?

@InCommon A fix for phonegap? No.

But there are better web-wrappers out there. I used an ok at best one from CodeCanyon ( ). But I recently bought a license with GoNative.IO. It isn’t cheap ($590 for a license that included both apple and android) but they make it very easy and their customer service is amazing. You won’t be waiting very long for help responses.

My suggestion: Test the hell out of it on bubble and then when you think you’re ready, if you can afford it, use Especially if you lack experience.

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Thank you for the vote of confidence on GoNative. I do lack experience. I wish I was in a position to pay $590, but I’m bootstrapping the app that I’m building, and that cost is way not in my budget. I’ll check out CodeCanyon if it’s better than PhoneGap. Just irritated that I expected this to work smoothly per Code Free tutorials, and it’s not.

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I’ve had a few students run into this issue, and I think it’s a problem certain apps are having when connecting via IPV6. For some reason this only freezes the app when using PhoneGap. See thread below:

I’m looking into a fix, but it’s difficult because most of my test apps are working well with PhoneGap and it’s been hard to reproduce the issue.

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Did you happen to find a solution? Having the blue screen appear on my phone gap test app.

Wonderfull solution! I got an error:

Thanks for the heads up! Looks like Blockspring’s Dropbox integration hit a snag. I sent them this screenshot and they’re working on a fix.


Hey @brentsum - What width/height do you recommend using for your mobile app when you plan to use DropSource to reference the web-view (as seen in your youtube video that shares how to get an app on the app store -

Hey there, Dropsource has the ability to auto-resize webview windows, which I’d recommend selecting. When it comes to building your app, I’d recommend following standard app dimensions. Currently, I use the iPhone 6/7/8 dimensions of 750 x 1334 (portrait). Full guide can be found here:

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Thank you sir