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Freelancer for a certain feature

Can’t implement drag&drop, so that, it has all features of Draggable Elements + a feature that enables “long press to drag” so that the user does not interfere during page scroll on mobile and does not catch draggable element.
Another obligatory feature is moving elements between different RGs.

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Hi Vovahumnytskiy,

I’m Jof. Founder of Million Labs. We specialise in MVP builds, but we also love teaching people how to build their own MVP.

Here is our website:

If you’re still looking for support, please set up a meeting in my calendly:

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hello @vovahumnytskiy,

I can help.

Reach me on Skype- live:.cid.2f77e5ee8d69a2d1


@ZeroqodeSupport has a nice demo for this. It’s called something with Kanban.

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Hey, guys! I’ve already solved my use case. Thank you for your applications!


Would you mind sharing the resource if you haven’t worked with a freelancer. Would be great for other people with a similar question.

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Thanks for the idea.

So, basically, I have a specific use case where I have to move items:

  1. within 1 RG. I used @ezdev plugin ↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode to achieve great scroll on mobile. Drag&drop does not interferes the scroll, because it is triggered only after a “press and hold for X seconds”. The problem was that this plugin is no capable of moving items between RGs.

  2. from 1 RG to another. I’ve achieved this use case without a drag&drop. Instead, I’ve made a dropdown for each item in the RG. User can choose in which RG he want to place item, using the dropdown.


Sounds like a nice workaround. Do you mind posting a screenshot of what this looks like on mobile? I’m having a hard time visualizing a drop down on each element that doesn’t look cluttered.