Freelancer needed for a small project

A app needed to be created which will be used a backend for a small office ~ 280 employees
Daily attendance and monthly attendance report
Task management (simple) and task tracking
Internal announcements and notice board
And nothing extra

No major time constraints for development.
Please quote your pricing and estimate time.
Please don’t ask me to schedule a call as I am super busy.

(Not my company’s office)



H Nickdev,

Have you seen my template “Tasuku” ? :wink:
I can also customize it if you want .
Have a good day.


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Just sent you a dm! Internal tools are right up my alley! We’ve built internal tools for gyms, distributors, etc.

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@nickdev Just sent you a DM, along with price and time estimate :slight_smile: cheers


Hi Nick, I don’t think your saying you are busy will help you attract the talented developer…if you are too busy to explain the requirements over the call fully, how busy will you be to communicate throughout the project lifecycle, and beyond? Everyone is busy, but we must respect each other’s time and resources. If a developer is willing to take this up and commit several hours to build a solution to your need, you can’t be too busy to schedule a call! Nothing guarantees a project’s failure like lack of good communication!


@nickdev’s point is valid. It’s challenging to handle numerous job applications from developers lacking relevant experience. Additionally, there’s a noticeable gap in developers’ communication skills with customers.

People are quick to claim they’re the right fit for the job without even asking for more details or the project’s budget.


I do communication fully async once a client’s onboarded and only really hold meetings for new clients (I’d prefer to do that over email but there’s a trust element with clients wanting to actually speak and it can generally be a little quicker to understand their vision over a short call).

My favourite clients are the ones that communicate well by messaging so that they can just tell me what they want and it’ll just get done with no time overheads. I totally understand where OP is coming from.

Yeah, the Bubble developer economy is a sh*tshow. I had close to 100 developers applying for my agency for a senior developer position and about 5 were suitably qualified. There were developers wanting $80/hr with no privacy rules on portfolio apps :grimacing:

I do really wish there was a vetted marketplace. Most of the people seeking developers don’t know how to filter down them or assess their ability. Equally, a good chunk of developers don’t include any pricing, timing info, or proof of competence in their initial response…

EDIT: Maybe we need a BDRaaS… Bubble developer recruiter as a service :joy:


Please take my money :dollar: Badly need this

By busy I meant I will not be able to schedule calls individually for each applicant, I will see their past projects, their profile and forum activities and so on to decide. I received more than 28 application’s and I can’t spend 3 days talking to each via video call.
Also I hardly get about a hour of free time, hbt
But I will always make sure no communication gap is there.


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Not sure I’m technically qualified until I get around to taking Bubble’s new certification :rofl:

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That’s sounds interesting

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Not sure why some developer can go so down to call others like this :pensive:
I am deeply sad about this… At least respect should be there.
This one quoted a price of 25k USD, so I just humbly asked what’s special about your development and why I should not deal with someone offering 2k-5k USD…

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I’m writing a guide to hiring a Bubble developer now. I’ll make a new thread probably in a few hours :slight_smile:

There’s a fair degree of truth in what this person is saying - when someone charges suspiciously low it indicates they probably don’t want to finish the app you’ve paid them to build. There’s also a location element - people living in the US/Europe will just charge more for less because of the cost of living. I charge $10K for virtually any app. I have no doubt someone else would charge much less and do an equally good technical job (though if I could find that person I’d have already subcontracted out the work to them :joy:). However, I can fundamentally afford to charge more because as a registered UK company it gets a lot more trust than a freelancer on the other side of the world. Right or wrong, that’s just how it is. Bubble developer rates are just NOT a predictor of skill.


For me price matters, (perhaps for most)
I don’t care if the person is based in UK or Phillipines, if they are committed to it, it gets the job done.
Also previous projects are a very good indication to how a developer experience going to be.

Yes, absolutely right. Previous projects / testimonials / forum / social media activity. Any proof of competence. My own website doesn’t actually have any previous work listed - the testimonials do the heavy lifting. Remember the developer’s portfolio page and portfolio page work will be the best they’ve ever done so never hope for more :sweat_smile:

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In that case if two person A and B, both have more or less same experience and same type of past projects, both committed why I shall i go with B charging 5 times than of A :thinking:

You may get couple dms claiming to be they


Makes sense…wishing you good luck with the hire!

Hi, please, there’s no need to lie.
I quoted a price of 15k to 20k (so that’s not 25k), and you told me you were considering an offer of 1k (so that’s not 2k-5k).
With the real figures, your perspective is already clear, there is no need to exaggerate the figures upwards and downwards to reinforce your point of view.

The issue here is that you consider Bubble development as a commodity, and I don’t. I believe that I bring much more than just ‘Bubble development’ to the table, and I honestly think that someone charging 1k does not. You would find that out in that first video call. Not with 28 people, of course, but with 3 or 4.

In any case, good luck with your project.

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Hi @nickdev , have you already hired someone? We have a similar experience in that it is very difficult to find the right candidate and get quite some applications.