Freelancer/tutor request: Using list of things in custom plugin

Looking for someone to either Skype or Teamview to show me how to create an array from a list of things and then use that.

Trying to build an array from a list of things to run foreach on it and dynamically build some html elements for each thing in the array. Any help would be much appreciated.

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What development editor are you using. If your on VS Code I have a snippet file that can speed up your development

Hi @dylanglassop,

I can assist you into the same, please check your PM.


These are from my map plugin. It uses a “list of Numbers” from Bubble which comes as an array of numbers.

You can always do “List of Things’ field” instead of just “List of Things”. If you really need to extract work with a Thing, tell me why and I’ll see if I can help with that, because I already worked directly with things but later realized that I could just refer to the thing’s field in Bubble instead of the thing itself and then deleted the code, but there are two ways to work directly with things but they’re more complicated than this way I’m showing you (and also clunkier to the end user), just so you know.

let latLngs = [];

// this returns an array holding the list of whatever bubble holds. In this case a list of numbers.
let getList = (columnXBasicReference, startPosition, finishPosition) => {
    let returnedList = columnXBasicReference.get(startPosition, finishPosition);
    return returnedList;

// this is to load data from Bubble's server.
let listLoader = (columnBasicReference, columnLengthFunction) => {
    // grab the column array
    let acquiredListColumn = getList(columnBasicReference, 0, columnLengthFunction);
    // return it, whether it's a blank space or the actual list.
    return acquiredListColumn;

let listOfLatitudes = listLoader(properties.list_of_latitudes, properties.list_of_latitudes.length());
let listOfLongitudes = listLoader(properties.list_of_longitudes, properties.list_of_longitudes.length());

// this structures the coordinates arrays into a way that Leaflet understands.
const readListsAndPush = (element, index, array) => {

    latLngs.push([listOfLatitudes[index], listOfLongitudes[index]]);



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