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From a Designers Perspective: Simple alignment/ruler tool would be SO HELPFUL

From a designers perspective, simple tools used across Adobe products is the “ruler” and “alignment”. Is there a way for you guys to add this feature in? Seems like it would not be too complex, but this feature would definitely enhance the visual consistency across anything built on the Bubble platform.

The ability to simply grab the ruler from the top “horizontal” or side “vertical” and drag it over the art board would be extremely helpful to simple ensure alignment is perfect. The “grid” tools provided are good, but not precise enough when something doesn’t match the grid.

The second would be left, center, right, top or bottom justified by holding “shift” or “command” and selecting multiple different shapes, texts, or images to then justify seamlessly.



This would be very helpful in Bubble… +1

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We’ll put that on our list. No timeline on this though.


Just added this