From web based to native app

I have developed web based app which I would like to offer also as a native app for android and iOS users. I have couple of questions to this regard.
My first question would be regarding app updates. Are native apps as easy to update as web based apps? For example, when I do changes and improvements to my web app all I need to do is to hit “deploy to live” button.
My second question would be regarding cost and submission. What are the submission expenses and what are prerequisites before contacting Bubble team for submission.
Thank you!

can we called a mobile tracker on Android a native app?

This doesn’t seem to be a question about Bubble as you cannot create native apps with Bubble. Better have a look at Dropsource (one of many but from what I can tell one of the most promising visual app builders).

Their documentation should help answer those questions. Bubble has nothing to do with submitting your app to a store.