Fronting Bubble with Wix/Weebly, etc - how?

Hi Bubble Fellows/Fellesses.

I love the landing pages, etc Wix/Weebly bring. I also have no problem as to what Bubble can deliver. I realize there are templates, but how do you combine for example a weebly/wix presence with front landing pages, side pages (FAQ, contact etc) with Bubble?

My first thoughts are where does the domain point to? If I point it and have so called ownership with Wix, then I lose out on Bubble’s SSL, etc (perhaps).

Ideally I would like to have WIX/Weebly front, include a Bubble login and present Bubble data back through the Wix/Weebly fronting.

I am guessing this is a big topic, but interested in thoughts. Am rapidly thinking it may just all be in the too hard basket - one that is quite full at the moment.

Thank you and appreciated.

A lot of people will use as the landing page, and use a tool like Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, etc. for that. Then, they’ll build and use Bubble for that. Is that what you’re looking for?

Hi Andrew,

Yes, that sounds just about right. I guess you’re going down the subdomain route? That does make sense and actually darn elegant and simple. I was getting tied up in my head about domain ownership.
Perfect, thank you!

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