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My first bubble app

I am excited to launch my first bubble app.

Thanks to all of you who provided help.

Its called It takes long and boring legal documents from hedge funds, scans then (using human labor) and provides the user back the important terms.

The idea might not be sexy, but revenue is always green, and this is my first one.

I build the landing page with Wix.


I have no idea what the website is about but it looks good :wink:

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Hope it does well!

Do you plan on building the landing page into the app? Just curious because you could easily lay out what you did with Wix on another page of the app.


Wix has more drag and drop design elements. You can drop an entire “about us” or “product” section, and then just tweak the content, so it is a little easier for putting together a splash page.

I also discovered after I found Wix, and when I started this process I was not that comfortable with Bubble. Going forward, I may use Wix to mockup some pages because of the drag and drop elements, and then build them into Bubble.

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Oh, I understand. I personally spend a lot of time using WordPress and I absolutely despise using Wix after being contracted to redesign clients websites that previously used it. But hey, whatever works for you. I’m still working on my first Bubble app and creating landing pages for a somewhat functioning website web app has been the easy part for me. Adding the extra functionality is where I’m sort of stuck.

Keep up the great work though!