Connecting a Simplistic Weebly / Wix etc. Front Page to Navigation in Bubble App

Hi All,

I thought I had read or heard about the ability to use a web builder like Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc. as the front page of your site, that can then launch into your app. Is that true? How would that work, if both the Squarespace page and the Bubble app are using the same website?

Essentially, I’d like to build a promo front page on one of these sites, and then when the person clicks sign up, bring them into the Bubble app and have them stay there.

Also if anyone has pros / cons for this process, I’d be eager to hear them!


Hi Jamie,

You’d need to have the two sites on two separate domains (or subdomains). So the promo page could be on, while the Bubble app could be on

The promo page would simply have a link element that links to the app’s URL.

You could also build the promo page on Bubble too. Nothing wrong with that and you’d have less services to manage/connect. The page could be accessible to logged out users (any public person), while the app’s pages are only accessible to registered users. That is, if your app needs to register users.

Hope this helps!

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