Frustrated with current project, anyone able to solve my questions/issues?

I’m attempting to load pictures into my app via slide menu, I’ve attempted to google for answers, follow videos, etc. No dice. Is anyone able to contact me or post and answer some questions for me?

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Should be plenty of people able to help on the forums.

Ask away.

I want to be able to click the slidebar to open up the menu, then clicking the text and loading pictures.

Hi Brett,

To trigger a workflow from the sidebar, your event would be “When a side menu option is clicked” and you’d need to add a condition to specify which menu option… "only when current option’s value is “Example 1”



Then the action to trigger will be to display your image. This really depends on how you’ve structured your page, but an example would be to use the “Display data” action to change the data source of a group that contains an image element. That image’s source would be that group (its parent).

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