My Sidebar Menu does not work

My Slidebar Menu does not work, I believe the problem is in the Workflow, but I cannot identify what is happening. I will send the image of the existing pages, the menu and the workflow to see if anyone can help me. Thank you.

bubble 01

Can you tell me a bit more?

Is your button Clientes not working? if Yes, then this is because you have set only when the condition in workflow restricting it to that Current options is Pontos.

You can tell me more if you still facing this issue. I try my best to help you.

Grato pela atenção,
Eu já entendi que o problema estava quando eu removi o estilo e tentei formatar manualmente. Pelo que percebi fazer isso era incompatível com o Menu da Barra de Slides. Então tirei a formatação e passou a funcionar.
Obrigado. Abraços.

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