Use Bubble Full Calendar as resource scheduler?


I would like to use Bubble Full Calendar as resource scheduler. Does anyone have idea how to make it? It would be fantastic to achieve a view like this:

I tried to use Air Calendar as resource calendar. Sadly it is not supportedy anymore and setup is hard.


To my understanding Bubble’s included/free calendar plugin does not support this type of behaviour.

Your options are to pretty much use Air Calendar or Full Calendar Scheduler Suite which imo is more complicated to set up than Air Calendar.

I have just subscribed to Air Calendar and have been experimenting with the Resources view but it seems very buggy and not working properly.

After lengthy setup, the Suite plugin does seem to work better but it’s much more difficult to use and set up.

My issue with Air Calendar is that it is not saving my events on the calendar when I drag them on a timeslot, or at least, it’s not saving the resources for some reason. If I change the calendar to a non-resources related view, I see the events there, but they disappear from the resources view as soon as I click somewhere else. Can’t figure out why.

Thank you for the mention. Definitely takes work to set up at first but I’m working on it. Also, specific FB as to what might make things easier is super helpful and helps me make refinements to make things better/easier/more customizable.

For anybody interested in trying it, I’m always happy to help you out and give you a two week free trial And provide support through the forum, DM, or even a zoom chat. After two weeks if you find the plug-in does not suit your needs or is just not what you want or you don’t like it you can just get rid of it. This way, you don’t lose any money and you also get support putting together your plug-in from the person who built it which in my opinion is the best way to get plugin help.

I really would love to know the pain points. :+1: I can work on ironing them out!

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Fairly certain these bugs have been worked out. if not, we should set a time to chat as I’m no longer experiencing them on my side!

Hi @Maciej were you able to get this done? I am looking for similar resource calendar view, though in my case resources are people.

Would like to know what solution you used for this.

I found a guy on Upwork who did it for me :wink:

Okay good to know. Though I finally managed to get it done, I am facing some issues with performance, customisation etc. Could you connect me to the person who did it for you? How much did he charge? Also, was it done in native Bubble or via code?

Sure. I have found Volo on Upwork, but here you have his LinkedIn profile:
He charged me about $25/h. Now he charge about $65/h.
Tell him, that you are from me. Maybe you’ll get some better price :wink:


Thanks. Will reach out to him as and when needed. For now I have deprioritised this requirement.