Full Calendar - Day Problem

Dear All,

I can’t display anymore the Day view in Full Calendar.

It is just empty although Month and Week view work just fine.

Am I the only one experiencing this ?

Thanks !

It’s working for me (all views)

Is the “day” button visible?
I found that if the calendar width and page width are not compatible then the day button might not be visible.
So it might be useful to experiment with a smaller calendar width.

Hi all

I am experiencing the same issue, the day view is just not working at all, I also tried to unistall and reinstall the plugin, but it’s still not working

EVerything is right with month and week views, even with drag and drop editing events

It doesn’t work in the day view only nor the day when having the options month-week-day, so that mustn’t be due to a width issue

@emmanuel any idea why is behaving like that?


Same issue. The day view is empty Please We need help

obs. I uninst. all plugins and reinst FULL CALENDAR PLUGIN but no result.
I created a backup, had deleted everything only keep the index page, but no result either.
Only works wen a create a new APP.

@karacrystal and @romanmg any idea?

Hi @juancosta900

No I did not solve the day problem, unfortunately…

I actually needed mainly to switch between week and month view, and The only work around that worked for me has been to use to calendars on the same page, one hiding the other, and display the one with buttons… If the plugin worked I had been happy to let users the choice of a day view

Hopefully @seanhoots will release a new premium plugin soon, we are all waiting for him to save us!

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Hei @medicalresearchtoolb and @karacrystal. Problem solved. The only wey is to change the app language in settings, this way tha full calendar will work

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Thanks for sharing! I will stick to italian, anyway, my users wont like grafics in english…

Thanks it works.

I have another issue with the calendar. By default it shows at 6 AM which makes it annoying to scroll down to a more reasonable time in the afternoon where most of the action happens.

Any possibility to set the default time frame lets say from 8am to 8pm for instance ?

Thanks !