Full Calendar dynamic height?

When I use full calendar plugin, it fits fine when there are no events. But when there is so much event for a day, the calendar size decreases, cutting the bottom part of the calendar. Any workaround?

with events:

without events:

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If you can edit it so that you don’t show all events when the number of them would expand and cause the issue…create another viewable indication that there are “X number of events on this day”

For example, why would you want somebody to possibly create 48 different events ( one every half hour ) to be shown in a single days cell on a full month calendar? Think about the user experience on it.

I’d make them click on that day to see a day view calendar to see all events for that day when the number of events creates the issue of cells expansion.

How can I change the view so that what’s shown is number of events for the day rather than actually showing the events?

I think there’s no option in full calendar to limit day events shown?

Need help. :frowning:

you would need to use conditionals, but I also am not familiar with the full calendar as I didn’t use it. In the past I believe I looked into it and found it not performant enough for my use, so I decided to build a custom calendar.

I find the calendar with repeating group a bit complicated. Is it easy to use?

Hoping someone help me using Full Calendar plugin. :frowning:

I think it is easy enough once spending the time to read through the thread and looking into the editor to see how it works. It took me a few hours to build my own.

I’m not sure there is a way to work with the Full Calendar plugin, I’m not familiar with it because of it’s limitations I encountered I opted for a custom calendar.

Is there any line of code to fix the “overflow” of the calendar? Sorry, I’m not a technical person, no knowledge about codes.

Help please. Is there any solution for this? Maybe make the calendar plugin scrollable or overflow thru coding?

any help please?

@shu.teopengco, did you ever find a solution that enabled the calendar to scroll?

None bro. I just used repeating group calendar.

ok, thanks for the response. I am going to log a bug report. There is no way the element shouldn’t scroll.

I already filed a bug before. But it turns out that it is not one of their priority. Maybe because there is alternative plugin for that? But you have to pay for other similar plugins.

I’ll give it another go. That’s totally unacceptable from them. I have also found that Bubble’s support has improved tremendously recently, so hopefully things have changed.

Hey any changes on this front… Pretty ordinary that the calendar won’t adjust its own height.
I would have felt it was a pretty easy fix.

They told me the same thing. Hope @Bubble fixes this. :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

I hope this time, they see this.

@Bubble @emmanuel @peterj @eve

Hello, if you’re seeing an issue with the Full Calendar plugin in your app and haven’t already done so, please file a bug report with step-by-step instructions we can use to reproduce this in your app. We’ll be able to investigate further and escalate the issue to our engineering team if necessary. Thanks!

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Hi, @malcolm,

I´ve failed a report weeks ago, but @Bubble responded me that it is not a priority for you. But it seems many people are having this issue.
Also you can update the Full calendar plugins with the latest features.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer: