Full Calendar plugin dynamic change of day

Hello everyone !

I am trying to implement a both a calendar (full calendar month view only) and a planning (full calendar day view only) and I would like that, when I click on a day in the calendar, it send me to the correspondinfg day in the planning. However, it only work once, afterward, without reloading my app (native app), I am stuck with only the view of the first day I picked.

I figured it was due to the field “date displayed at first”, but is there a way to have i work the way I would like to, or is it impossible ?

Which calendar plugin are you using?

I am using the “full calendar” plugin

You should be allowed full dynamic view control. Idk of the bubble plugin allows for that.

Check out this one as a potential alternative

See it in action


Thanks for the reply, I will check it out

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@jared.gibb Is it possible to see one or two Screenshot of the calendar your plugin allow us to make ? I would love to see what it looks like !

Here you go!

i just realized i hadnt formatted something correctly for the input. there were so many more events rendering which is why the month views werwe so slow! i fixed it see here!

Thanks a lot :+1:

Thanks man, It’s quite nice !

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If you’re hesitant to buy, I would be willing to let you try a free-trial period!

it also comes with the abiilty to pull in google calendar events!

Eventually i will be adding a basic timeslot generator which will evolve to be intelligent enough to remove unavailable time slots based on an input list of “blocked events”

That’s lovely, but I think I will buy anyway so, the sooner the better ! I will probably do so today.
Thanks a lot !

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Any support you need, let me know!

The documentation hasn’t caught up to the current version but they will soon!

the docs will explain the silly iimages for the nonvisible elements

but don’t worry, you may want these however they wont show up in the live version of your app. only the editor!

here’s one setup to help get you started!

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