Full dynamic JSON Body


I’m using the API connector with a complexe api request whose JSON body changes a lot depending on my user actions.
So I need this full JSON body to be dynamic and manageable in my workflows, instead of just some single fields of it.
I tried to add a dynamic field <json_body> in the API connector body field, but it’s a pain to edit in the workflow as the dedicated field is so small and do not support multiple lines .

Is there a feature that I’m not aware off, or a quick hack to do this ?


Thanks for your help!!

Hi @pierreantoine

You should be able to use the Boolean formatting for a better editing experience. I know what you mean, the default field space is very tedious to work with. If you use the ‘Current date/time is not empty’ then formatted as text for yes, you can specify text values and dynamic values here. The current date/time will never be empty, even server side.

Let me know if this does the trick.

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But what if the current date/time is empty one day ? :grimacing:
Just kidding, nice hack I like that and will definitely try this :wink:
Thanks @luke2!!

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It works !

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