Ability to Make API Variables Long

I think it would be helpful if we were able to make the dynamic text in the API Connector Plugin for JSON variable elements long like you are for form-data dynamic text.

Here’s the ability with form-data;

However, with JSON variables, that option is not available;

This is helpful in many of our use cases where we’re using that box to write an entire message. And the short (one-line) keeps jumping around because it’s not meant to have that much text within it.

I think this would be a helpful feature.

Thanks, @emmanuel @peterj @allenyang @josh


@chriscardone, it’s a bit of a hack but when I need a bigger box to type in I will create a statement that will always be true and use the :formatted as text operator.

Here’s a simple example I use to set the html in a calendar event:


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