Full screen hight groups in the same page

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to build diferent sections(groups) in the same page and each section should have the full height of the screen.
I was able to make it work when I only have one group , but when I add the second one, the first one shrinks.

This is how it looks with only 1 of the groups visible. It occupy the full height of the page, as I want:

But when I add the second one, this is the result:

Each group has a column layout, and all are grouped inside another vertical layout group, with stretch container alignment.

I hope I have made myself clear.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @leq_24 :wave:
Sorry if i misunderstood,
I think you need to check “Collapse when hidden” to each group.

Hi! There is no need to do that, because both of them should be shown, but every group should have the screen full height.

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