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Native - Show/Hide Groups - Page Length

Hi there,

I’m building a single page app with groups that I show / hide. The dimensions of my initial page are 350x700. Pages:

  1. Group 1: Sign up page (~350x700)
  2. Group 2: Onboarding page/form (~350x1600)

Is there a way to have the main page height shrink or expand to the size of the VISIBLE content? Or should I be paginating? If I make the index 350x1600 there is certainly an awkward scroll option on the sign up page (group 1)


you need to use collapse when hidden on the groups…for the page set it’s height to 1600…then in editor add a “ghost” group when showing sign up page that is 900 px ( 1600-700 ) and place it below the sign up page group. It should be set to collapse height when hidden…also make sure the onboarding page is collapse when hidden…

I think that would work, but I’ve never tested it out

I am facing a similar issue but remain confused.

My single page app has a main index page of 2000px high with many individual groups which vary in height.

The issue I have is that the footer remains all the way down at the bottom of the index page, whilst some groups are only 300px high so the page needs to scroll a long way to reach the footer and I am unsure what to do about this. I have double checked and all the groups do collapse the height when hidden. Why can we not simply collapse the actual index page?

I have been told that maybe this is because groups are overlapping, but I don’t want to offset any groups because they need to remain in line (same Y axes).

I’ve also been told that maybe the new responsive engine. would work, although I am nervous because I don’t want to upset all the work I’ve done (9 months) and all the responsiveness is currently perfect.

Any ideas? You mentioned a ‘ghost’ group when collapsing?