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Full Time Bubble Developer!

We are hiring 3 full-time bubble developers to take over our platform from the original developer. He will provide transition support. A Product Manager will be the team lead. We have a 2-sided marketplace (2 systems that interact) with an admin/reporting system, each engineer will be responsible for one of those 3 systems and be responsible for creating initial documentation and then enhancing the systems per the product roadmap.

Our platform is for proptech, realestate tech, marketplace, lead generation, crm, financing, and more.

There are a lot of functionalities on our platform already, too many that codemap will let us list out.

You will need to have:

  • Multiple years experience with Bubble (advanced role)
  • Javascript/Jquery experience
  • Database/SQL experience
  • JSON, GET/Post API experience
  • XML feed experience

Pay rates will vary based on expertise, starting at $100+/hour.

US-based talent only. We will w2 you with full benefits, PTO, etc.


Sadly, you only need people from US only

They might have their reasons. If you’re interested you can perhaps think out of the box and convince them why they should consider hiring you outside of the US.

Good luck everyone :wave:

I don’t think a lot of people realize how difficult it is to hire W2 employees outside of your area. Even within the US, if your business is based in one state but you hire someone in another state, there is a ton of paperwork and registrations that need to happen. For a small business, that can often be a deal breaker.

Now picture hiring outside of the country. It’s not as simple as a contracted gig because your W2 job needs to conform to whatever laws and regulations exist in the country of the employee. That can often mean more taxes/fees for the company, let alone all the additional time and paperwork to make it happen.

Hence why you usually see bigger companies with dedicated HR folks who can take the time to make that happen. I think a lot of non-US folks thinks it’s a “those Americans think US employees are higher quality” when in reality it’s “US employees involve much less paperwork and effort to hire.”