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FullCalendar error in a Day Click and Drag & Drop

Hello everyone!!!

First off, how could we all live without Bubble?!?

I’am a developer for more than 30 years, yes, I started with Basic on a TK 95 computer :grimacing:

From there, almost every box you can imagine…

On coding languages, DBase III, VB, VBA, PHP, CSP, COS, C++, C# :heart_eyes:

In my opinion, it´s not you who chose the “language” its your Client who came up with the “NEEDS”

On Mobile, JAVA, what f**k is that?!?! Never liked, and no one can make me like it :sunglasses:

So I decided to code games on mobile with UNITY 3D. On the way of releasing soon. And testing to implement some apps for clients on it. Not very comprehensive, but some achievements.

And, I can say, I tested every framework you can imagine to make web apps for my clients.

As I said above, “First off, how could we all live without Bubble?!?”

I’m implementing an app to one client to make appointments to her Dental Clinic. And in 8 days it was complete 95% of what she wanted. I just have now to complete the part of Cash Flows.

That´s the page after login, you can see all the appointments with the respective color of the “Doctor”, the date and hour.

When click on an event the popup shows to alter or dismiss:

You see, the client, date and hour are correct.

If you click the button “Hoje” show me everyone who´s for Today:

One issue I have with the calendar is that, as you can see on the images bellow, is that when you click on a day and click on the arrows to change the day or month the hour of all appointments changes to 12am:

If I click on same event again, with the incorrect hour, the popup shows with the right data:

All of this only happens if I click on one day.

And it occurs in Month, Week, Day view:

The Drag & Drop fix all:

So, is this a bug, or I am missing an update on calendar???

I have searched everywhere, Workflows, Calendar itself, but not good match for the problem.

Can anyone help???

Thanks in advance :wink:

PS: Sorry for the long reading… :sweat:

So glad you’re achieving awesome things on Bubble! So, I’ve run into this calendar thing myself and haven’t gotten around to filing a bug report, but I suggest you do that at

It’s not just you; I believe the plugin just needs looking into.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Hi @romanmg, thanks for your response.

Just could be an error, and happy to know that I´m not alone with it.

I will open an bug report on that.

Have you received any update to your bug request?

Thank you again :wink:

This hasn’t been reported yet so a bug report would be great. The simpler the page (ideally a test page with just one calendar element) the better, and the faster we can fix it.


Hi @ricardocprates, I haven’t filed one yet, so you should if you need it looked at :slight_smile:

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Hi @romanmg, I will.

Thanks for the help!!!

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Hi @emmanuel, then it´s time to do so.

I think this issue can effect a lot of people.

I will, later, prepare some test page for you.

Thanks for the help!!

Opened up!

Thank you and @romanmg!!!

We’ll push a fix shortly, sorry about this.


We know no one has to be sorry for a bug :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Paraphrasing the movie “The Sixth Sense”, “I see bug… All the time!!!”

Thanks for this incredible tool!

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All right from here, the things seems to be fixed!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thank you @emmanuel and team!!!



And I can´t forget to thank you @romanmg for the lights!!!