Columns In Bubble's Full Calendar Plugin Day View

My client wants the day view to show people (trainers) in columns with their names at the top and their bookings below (see attached).
Can anyone suggest if/how this can be done?
Many thanks, Mark.

Like a resource view? Not with bubbles native plugin. Butt I can help you with that here!

I can add this ability to my plugin! I could bust it out over the weekend. *it might already do that actually. Wanna give it a trial run? I can help you get set up since the docs aren’t ready yet.

If you like it it’s only 15$


Hi Jared
Thanks for the prompt response.
Yes please.
If your plugin does all that the Full Calendar plugin does, that sounds excellent.
I don’t mind paying $15 and would give you a great review if it supports columns by users in the day view.
All the best, Mark.

Yeah man! I’d you wanna DM me the appID and I’ll send back access to the plugin plus instructions to get you set up!

How’s. 2-3 week free trial sound?!

I’ll be waiting to hear back! And yessir! It’s FullCalendar 4 with more features than what bubbles standard offers.

Plus I just pushed the new intelligent Timeslot generator feature today!

Angelsgrooming is the name of the app. I assume that’s the appID. Correct?

Yes! I’ll add you right away. I’ll send instructions in the morning with a coffee. I may make a loom video. Not sure yet either way you’ll get this up and running in no time.

Hi Jared
Fantastic news.
I look forward to hearing back from you when you are all set.

You’re Added.

Install from here

I’ll get back with instructions.

Many thanks.

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I’m really busy with the family this morning. I’ll leave this example for you to check out and will put together full instructions over the next week. sorry for the delay here but my kiddos are calling for me today!

Check out this example I prepared for you

this shows how to set up resources

1 timeslots element could be added for each resource so that timeslots can be created on the fly. for each resource. i will add a ‘resource out’ option for the timeslots so they can be assigned as such. just completed this feature.

in the example i provided there are several resources. perhaps they dont all work every day. now you can provide timeslots for each resource on any given day of any duration and starting at any time!

and yes, the resource name pops up at the top of the column as long as you provide them.

Hi Jared
I cloned the page containing the calendar, deleted and added your FullCalendar.
Below is where I am at in terms of adding columns for each User who is a “Groomer”.
I guess that how I handle the comma separator will be explained.
Also, when I selected resourceDayGridDay (a) I don’t see times of the day and (b) when I click below a person I see the day calendar. I assume that is where I add an appointment.
I look forward to your documentation when you taken care of the children :wink:
Regards, Mark.

your screenshot is of the field from which titles come. below is where you’d add the resources. i imagine each of your groomers has some sort of employee ID or Name field associated to the record. I’d use that for the resource name most likely
Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 8.13.50 AM

It’s tricky at first but once you do it twice, you’ll find it to be super simple. the idea here is that i wanted to allow for several data sources to input data. your DB plus the scheduler. In this journey i found that sometimes a title (or other fields) have a comma in them and when joining data sources this way it presnts issues.

for any field that may have a comma (be aware event colors always require this trick) use this trick

i think, you are looking for this view in particular. you could assign this to a bubble button or enter this view on initialization or via a workflow action.

To make an appointment, you could :point_up_2:click and drag on the calendar :date: to create a Timeslot but you could also create a Timeslot more rigidly with date/time setters. Using the Timeslot element you could restrict bootable times to a preset range of events and not do anything when someone click/drags on the calendar. I can add the option to disable this click/drag in the future for this exact case so as not to confuse anyone.

Hi Jared
I’m not sure if I’m on the right track or not.
In the screenshot below I’m trying to select the start/end times for a booking.
Do I need to have a constraint?
I’m just struggling to get my head around how the Appearance settings work.
Thanks, Mark.

Those look good. Be sure to format all dates as extended iso :ok_hand:

For event I’d use the unique identifier from the dB

For color, you need to :format as text And use the tilda ~ as the delimiter

I know it’s a pain but this allows you to add events from several different sources!

Wow! That was quick :slight_smile:
I’m looking at event colors now.
So, the list that I have to provide needs to be a field in a Thing. Am I correct?
Still struggling :frowning:
Thanks, Mark.

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Ill update that tomorrow so there is no need to provide a color if you don’t want to. Defaults are awesome!

You could just feed it any field (a date for example) for now and it will default to the color you set in the initialize action workflow as long as it’s separated by the tilda

Definitely come back with any more questions or feature requests!!!

@marksrunge , you should be able to not have to worry about setting colors for each event anymore.

you now have 3 options for colors.

set each event itself
Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 9.43.53 PM

set a default and leave the above blank!
Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 9.43.46 PM

orrr set the color by a different field. an event identifier like Homework/Chore/Job Task/Something Special for the Honey/etc

Thanks Jared
I’ll give it a go.
What I have is bookings where a booking could be:
(a) Pending Approval,
(b) Not Started.
(c) Started.
(d) Finished.
(e) Collected.
I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thanks, Mark.

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that sounds like a perfect use case for the third option. then your user change colors on the fly without having to change each event individually!

if you need more color slots, let me know! :wink:

Many thanks.

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