Fun Question: what is the most number of actions you've ever used in a backend workflow?

Hey everyone - I’m a long time lurker / forum user (with a few posts here and there) and wanted to ask what the most number of actions you’ve ever used for a backend workflow? I’ve been reeeeally diving into how to use the WhatsApp Business API and can basically recite their API docs by heart at this point, but in the process I’ve also realized that I’ve created a monster backend workflow that has 75 steps. Yes, I said 75.

I don’t know how it got to that point, but I guess it just kept growing and growing and growing over time. Also, when using the WhatsApp API’s webhook, all of the actions have to go through one, single backend workflow (or at least I think it does?). Anyway, I thought it would be fun to see how many actions all of you have in your apps and if you have any questions in the meantime about using the WhatsApp API, I’m happy to help.


Hi @mimiso ,
The maximum number of actions I ever had to use is 20; not even close to your record. I used it to calculate financial records of 8 different currencies at the end of a financial year.
I am curious to know more about the pricing of WhatsApp API and a general guideline or point on how to create a WhatsApp bot that uses ChatGPT API.
Thank you for your help and time!

My main workflow consists of 108 actions with more than 8 loops. Did I win anything? :sweat_smile: Ho yes! I win A LOT of WU (workLOAD units). I probably run OUT of WU only with this API workflow :joy:. Happy Sunday!


I’d say probably 50 or so. I have no idea but at least 50. It was one big workflow with at least 15 steps in it, including multiple different custom workflows… each custom workflow with about 10 steps each. So about 50 total is my guess. It was a very unique use case… haha

Jesus!!! And I thought mine was crazy with 50 hahah! congrats


What do you mean by “custom workflows”? Are those inside of your main backend workflow? I don’t think I’ve ever used them?

Also, 50 is impressive, but yeah - @JohnMark wins the :trophy: so far.

@JohnMark - I’m really digging your color coding (I’ve started using brackets [like this] to keep track of the different conditions / loops / processes that I have going on, but I’m interested to learn more about how you’re using those emojis to keep track of stuff. I really love the idea of using colors to make it easier to find things.

@mahyartech - send me a DM with any questions you have about the WhatsApp API - I’m happy to help out wherever I can. I also want to write up some guides on how to use it with text, emojis, audio, etc. which I’ve figured out over the last few months, so I’ll keep you updated on that, too.

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Sorry I meant a custom event… so the main workflow triggers a bunch of custom events with a bunch of workflows in them.

Can you show me what that looks like?

Hi @mimiso

I use the same color for the execution of several actions grouped together :green_square:, :blue_square: … , and I use the symbols :small_orange_diamond: to indicate states, :small_blue_diamond: to indicate the call of an API, :small_red_triangle_down:start API :small_red_triangle:end API. It’s so much easy when checking the logs also.

Thank you for the winning prize :partying_face::sweat_smile:

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I really, really like this idea - especially in the logs. Very cool and thanks for the explanation.

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My longest action count is a measly 15 but i do use Floppy/ListShifter and its intialize/update feature extensively.

Complex parts of my apps, especially those that require asynchronicity, have tons of them. I have around 25 of em in my CRM alone (including the header reusable). All storing and/or tracking different data states.

Honestly i think I’d go crazy if it weren’t for Floppy/ListShifter.

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