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Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle

Once the version 1.0 goes out you’ll be able to contribute by trying to build something with it and telling me how it went for you! That will be the best way at first (:


Wow! Thank you for building this plugin and thanks to the contributors! Do you already know what will the price for the plugin be?

Hi thanks for the quick reply. Your converter uses html dom for elements right? Can you elaborate what you mean by it’s not just a webview?

@carlo.f It will be free to use, share, modify and redistribute :yum: it’s an open plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

@susanmariosarsfield It will contain a webview, but also standard native elements and functions :wink:


Can’t wait to see this! Thank you! :pray:

@vini_brito I was reading through the 10 min. to build a FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app thread, saw a mention of this thread, and decided to check it out.

Sounds awesome!

Two questions:

  1. Is the target release date still mid-February 2021?
  2. Is there any drawback to the plugin approach? Will plugin users have less control or customizability compared to those who do their own Jasonelle build?
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Hi! The expected release date currently is between late February and early March.
About drawbacks, I don’t foresee anything relevant. The benefits will hugely outweight anything that could be a drawback.


Getting excited to see this!!

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Looking forward to it! I just published my first bubble app to the Apple App Store today and wrapped it with a thunkable wrapper which is an unessesarily bloated ipa.

Hoping this wipes that off the table!

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Will release soon?

Yeah, soon (:


Hi @vini_brito , can you please provide more specific release date?
I am currently working on a project that needs to use native functions and I would like to know if it’s better to wait for the release of your plugin or start to learn how to make working Jasonelle - Bubble communication.

Somewhere in the next 7 to 14 days, that is as specific as I can get :yum:
But if you’re willing to learn Jasonelle, that may be useful to you nonetheless, so that’s a safe route :blush:


:heart: this

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Would it be possible to do the same thing with PWA?

I don’t think so.

Thanks, I may end up doing just that :smiley:

Vini alguma atualização sobre a data de lançamento do Plugin?

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“7-14 days” 22 days ago :wink: still excited tho.

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Yeah, I decided to extend development out of my pocket so I can have something super exciting when it first comes out :wink: :yum:
I want it to be game changing from day 1!