Issues with integrating into iOS app with Jasonelle

Hi all,
I am looking to integrate my app into an iOS app using Jasonelle, however following the tutorial on the bubble forum called " [10 min. to build FREE native app [Plugin Fundraising in progress: 45%]" I can’t seem to understand. For example when I download the file I don’t seem to have all of the components, like ‘setup’ for example. Are there any video tutorials out there on how to use Jasonelle, or any alternative solutions where I can convert my bubble app myself, instead of paying someone to do it. Thanks!

Hello @krazitoast

I understand that this is a “too long post” to read now. As you publish again for help means that you have not found the “trick” how to solve your problem. No installation files for Android. You need to open in Android Studio. Still no tutorial. We build a plugin to greatly shorten the installation and implementation process. I hope it helps.

Link: :boom: Donors welcome: Fundraising plugin for iOS and Android and be the first testers.

You can also try AppGver to wrap your Bubble website into a native app (Android or iOS) which makes it extremely easy; no need to even download Android Studio or iOS xcode. In AppGyver you can make a blank app in one click, add a fullscreen WebView with two clicks, point the WebView to your Bubble website (just add the url). Then “build” it into a native app, using AppGyver’s build tool. All of this is free. AppGyver’s interface lets you upload the app icons and splash screen easily.

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