Fuzzy search doesn't work with term extracted from URL - How to trigger?

—> My users initate a search from say, the index
—> Hit enter and you’re taken to the search page. The search term is in the URL parameter
—> Input is set to get its initial content from the URL

…nothing. The search wont trigger. But If I so much as change a letter in the input field, the search is triggered.

Any ideas on how to force trigger the search with the initial term extracted from the URL parameter?

Are you sure you don’t have the “Use input field data” (can’t fully remember what it’s called) box checked?

Hey thanks for helping out!

Do you mean this bad boi?

“Set text to match an input box”

Yes, and I believe you need to set the “Text to Match” field to “Get data from page URL”

Dang that sounded promising, but didn’t work. Also tried text to match = input’s value. Nothing. It’s like the search does’t trigger on page load.

Oh. Did you try setting it to the “Get data from page URL option”? If you did and it still didn’t work, you may need to store the search on page load in a state and have the fuzzy search element use that.

Thanks to your suggestions, I tested a few other things and managed to get it working with these settings:

“search” here is the input box

  1. Turn off “Set text to match from an input box”
  2. Add the input field in the “text to match” field

The downside is that it disables real time search as you type. User has to hit “enter” to search

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Oh, that’s weird, but at least we got it working :smiley:

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That we did my internet friend! Thanks for your help for real!!

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