Fuzzy search problem please

please i need help i did the condition i did everything but nothing work !!! please help me
if i do only the search fuzzy as data source without condition the search work but when i do this condition it dosent work


Hi, @marketinginhightech.

If you are using 14th plugin version, can you please try to use these conditions on your repeating group:

In case if it wont help, try to address to your input element a bit differently, like this (Search & Autocorrect’s Input Box is the input element connected with the plugin by ID):

Hope it helps :pray:
Zeroqode Support

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BROOOO ITS WORKS but i just changed the version to

is it normal ??? its finally work but im scared one day they will delet this version or something ! if its normal to work with old version i will keep it like this

thank’s alot alot alot alot

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@marketinginhightech ,

Hehe glad it helped :smiley:
If you like to stay on 13th version - it is up to you, but you wont have the ability to use dynamic input ID value. Incase you would like to use 14th version - just change the addressing to the input element, like I have shown on the second screenshot.


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