Fuzzy Search not pulling from a text field that stores data by :append

Hey all,

Ran into this problem and can’t seem to figure out how to fix!

I have users creating a product that other users can then search for in the database. When my main user creates a product I’m using the following expression to store all relevant data under a field called Searchable Text to be used with a fuzzy search.


And it stores the data for me :slight_smile:


However my fuzzy search does not pick up any of the stored values in my text field. I’ve tested the fuzzy on other fields and it works.

Odd part is - if I erase the saved data and manually enter it on the back-end…the fuzzy pulls that search result up fine!

Any ideas?? I thought :append is the right expression for this…

bumping this to see if anyone knows the best route to do this?

Trying to capture all the fields a user adds and save it in a single data object so that they can be searched without being restricted by Fuzzy searches (x) amount of fields to search limit.

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