FYI: Bubble removed the ability to add HTML to your fields

In case y’all have done this in the past, check your plugins.

Yes, I’ve already nudged @eli.


:’( oh no

Perhaps Bubble will give us a way of creating some basic hierarchy in the plugin property editor now that html rendering has been removed?

I feel like we need a giant Bubble Bat Signal for stuff like this.

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good morning…GAAAH!!!


Yes, it was implemented around two weeks ago after I reported a bug related to html in plugin fields.
I think this was the quickest, and probably the best fix.

I have to say that the response from Bubble and the fix was quick. I was impressed by the speed.

Of course hierarchy and conditional fields would be a nice thing to have.


I feel like this is something that stopped working a long time ago — so long that I have wondered to myself if it ever did. (Obvs it did or @eli wouldn’t have done it. I use the occasional italic tag and always think to myself, hmm, I coulda sworn that used to work and I need to remember to fix that…)

Interesting what you say @dorilama.

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Haha… I recognize that. That moment when you say: “working agreements?!? What working agreements?! Testing?! What testing?! I’ll just push this production and screw the rest!”

I think it 's a cosmetic thing for plugins that does not affect the live version of apps and makes everyone safer.

Of course a notification to people building plugins would be nice.

I was exaggerating. Or – channelling my inner Keith. This was never a feature that they provided, it was a hack that enterprising minds figured out. They can remove it without telling.

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I wonder why nobody reported it, it was obviously an exploitable feature :man_shrugging:

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