GA4 tracking for native apps working partially


I am tracking with the GA4+Tag Manager plugin webapp and native apps.

The issue I am having is not with the webapp, but with my native apps iOS and Android.

Although they are showing up for events counts, the custom key events are not being recorded for iOS and Android. See below.

Not filtered:


iOS. Here the only standard key events are recorded

Once filtered for a custom event (listened audios), only data from the webapp appear:

Why is that so? Is there something one can do about it??


I’ll take some guesses.

  • You need to setup the “container type” - a quick google here suggests

For the most future-compatible setup for your mobile apps, choose the standard “iOS” or “Android” container types (which work with Firebase), not the “Legacy” types.

  • Your app wrapper may have a Content Security Policy issue -
  • in the Ios wrapped app there is some page navigation occurring that stops the javascript executing after page change. There is a timing difference between the webapp and Ios that causes the difference.

All just guesses … good luck



So in order to make this work I will need to add the code mentioned to both projects in Firebase?