Gapping between elements on preview

Hey all,

So I’ve been building an FAQ on my website. The way it works is it’s a group with a text box inside a larger group. The small group has a custom state based on the icon being pressed in the top right:

When I preview the app, there are some massive gaps between some of the elements unless they’re all opened up using the icons:

Does anyone know how to fix this?


On the group that holds your answer, have you clicked “collapse this groups height when hidden?

Also, have you considered using a repeating group to complete this element of your app? You may find it to be more responsive individual elements

Main group

  • question group
    — question
    — toggle
  • answer group (collapse when hidden)
    — answer

Yep, the groups with the answers inside collapse when hidden, that’s why I’m confused.

I’m not exactly sure how using a RG would work? Do I set the Qs and Answers as options sets?

And that’s similar to how I’ve currently set it up.

There’s the main group with the toggle and the Question inside it.

Underneath that, there is another group with the answer inside it.

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