General Question: App Access

Preface Bubblers: Be kind. I’m still new with this whole no-code tribe and trying to understand some things.

I wondered when I go live with my app, and the intent is for it to be a single-user interface, will other users of the app be able to see how many other user’s are using the app? [(peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers :no_mouth:)]

I ask because I used a template to build my app, and in it there are dropdowns that give the user the option to select assigned manager’s, etc. I disabled them, without compromising the functionality. It may be useful later when I allow users to build teams within the app.

I’m concerned because there are spaces in the app that allow for comments on tasks, and projects. Will other users be able to see those? How can I keep all the app’s contents contained for that current user?

Maybe I’m overthinking this and it’s not that big of an issue…can anyone help me understand this better?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

After-thought: Even though I disabled the assigned functionality, every time a new user subscribes to the app, it creates a record within the database, so does that mean every user of my app has access to that database?

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Well, firstly, you should only be loading the data that you want your users to see… if you only want them to see their own data, then don’t load other users data…

But as well as that, you should also use privacy rules to restrict data access at the database level…

Of course, like everything, the specifics of your use case will dictate exactly how your privacy rules should be configures, and how your data searches ect. should be set up.

Thank you, @adamhholmes — I thought about privacy rules after I posted. I need to learn more about how to set them up.


Yes you do. Before doing anything else.