Sendgrid documentation and API needs updating

@bubble, the documentation and/or API used for Sendgrid Templates needs updating. It appears you’re using V2 (now labeled Legacy Templates), instead of the new default for SendGrid, which is V3 (a.k.a Dynamic Templates).

I was trying to apply a template to the system emails (password reset, etc.) that Bubble sends by specifying a template ID, but I encountered an issue where once I apply a template ID, then the subject/body text does not show in the emails I receive due to you using V2 templates/API and me using V3 templates.

Ideally, we need a way to setup the substitution variable(s) (i.e. handlebar syntax) for the system emails.

Have a look at this post Sending email with Sendgrid - general options


Thanks @simon, I’m aware of, and use, the Sendgrid plugin from @copilot, but that does not work for some of the built-in functions like password resets.

It also looks like the original post/er you reference ran into the same issue I described in this post.

As I see, yes so using a template for the system emails. I don’t think bubble have updated their API connect so you have to use a legacy template in send grid


Exactly, but nothing mentions this in the system or documentation and leads to confusion when trying to set it up. Ideally this part of Bubble could be updated to take advantage of V3 or, at the least, inform Bubblers that they need to use Legacy templates.


@Kfawcett - ditto to your request. I can say that this has come up multiple times with coaching clients. I’ve steered people towards either using legacy templates or using @copilot’s plugin.

Would appreciate a word from the Bubble team on plans regarding SendGrid and dynamic templates.


Thanks for the feedback. We are updating our documentation in general and will review Sendgrid as well.