Using SendGrid For Transactional Emails

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the native SendGrid integration in the bubble menu to send transactional emails.

However, I am confused as to how to get dynamic/custom data from the Send Email action in Bubble to fit in the custom templates in SendGrid - anyone know how to do that?

I have the template ID set in Bubble, but when I trigger it it just sends the blank template with none of the body content from the Send Email action.


Following. I know to add <%body%> although I’m not sure if I add it into the template as type Text or Code, but either way it still doesn’t work. It just sends an email with <%body%>

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I am not sure but I think its designed for static content - so you just trigger the template but you can’t pass data. You can via SendGrid plugin or API!

I gave up in the end and just started using its much better

Hey Reece,

would you share more about your setup using autopilothq? I’m about to replace Bubble’s built in email and would love to learn about alternatives.


I struggled with this but finally figured it out using Bubble’s built-in SendGrid functionality. Thought I’d share even if the posters here moved on and found a different solution. For me, the key was to use the “legacy” SendGrid template. When I created this legacy template, it automatically added the <%body%> text / code in the template, and in the subject line. I could still design the template by adding my company’s logo, etc., and it all worked well in the end.

Hi @sdharssi , I’m not sure if you can create legacy templates in new SendGrid accounts. I remember being able to but my new account does not have the option. Am I right?

Hi @mihira, I opened my SendGrid account a while back, so maybe they’ve changed things for new users. I still see the option to create legacy templates. It’s in the Email API section of the site, not in the Design Library section of the site. See the following:

I hope this helps!


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@sdharssi this is no longer available as you can see. I’m just using the dynamic templates with the copilot plugin


That’s too bad.
Maybe if you contact SendGrid’s support team they will configure your account to accommodate it?
It’s too bad Bubble hasn’t maintained their Sendgrid integration to accommodate the newer dynamic template feature by Sendgrid.
How is the copilot plugin?

Check out my video: Sendgrid email templates on part 1 - YouTube