Generate a Code Which Can be Turned into Points

Hi, I’m looking for some guidance :slight_smile:

I want to be able to generate codes which my users can then copy and paste into their account and turn into points. A simple loyalty reward program basically. Also be good if the same could happen from clicking a link on that code! That would be AMAZEN!!! Has anyone got any advice or could maybe point me to a tutorial or resource.

I would be double double grateful for any help on this. Thanks in advance.

@Tony_K It might be worth checking out random number / string generator plugins in the marketplace

HI Neerja, thanks for the reply.

AH, ok, hadn’t thought of that - I’ll have a look. Thanks. My main problems though are attaching a value (guess that would be a variable) but moreso wrapping the “code” with a link so that the user could click it, go to their account and have the points registered automagically. Or even have the code entered into a field and the user then have to click a submit button to turn it into the points.

Either way, you’ve given me a step in the right direction, much appreciated.