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Generate a link for download uploaded files

Hey , I need in my app to generate links to download the files like media fire and this app] in the app the user uploads files and and when the file is uploaded (multiple files) it’s open a popup within the generated link to download it and short it with tinyurl plugin inspired by : by @ZeroqodeSupport @ZeroqodeTeam

This is automatic in term so of a link creation. When a file is uploaded using the file uploader element, the file is uploaded to your AWS storage and when that happens a link for it is generated.

To access the URL in a dynamic expression you reference the file as saved in your Bubble database and then use the :more operation of URL. At that point you can use it in various ways to send the user to that link.

If it is for a pdf the user will see the browser tab with the pdf on display and can then decide to download. If it is certain other file types, they are automatically downloaded when performing any type of navigation to the URL.

I don’t know of a way to make it so you can download a list of files.

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Thanks for the help , but can I send gif or video for how to do this ? @boston85719 Thanks :heart:

Inside my database I have a data type called File Uploaded and a data field on it called “File-Stored-In-DB”.

And I can create a dynamic expression like this to use in a link element

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 11.59.06 PM

And choose URL

@boston85719 but it’s the link of file preview not download link :confused:

As mentioned previously the way it would function when placed into a link element as the navigation URL.

Isn’t there a way to generate a direct download link from the file link? If there is how to do @boston85719 ?

Hello, @arosaotyahoa!
Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in the functionality of our Filebox template. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just like @boston85719 has suggested, the first most important step is to upload your files into the Bubble database (table) as file and text data types. Both of them will be uploaded to AWS and you will get each file URL, which you can use further.

Once you have uploaded files to your database, you can create a popup with the repeating group that contains images or text elements (with URLs of uploaded files). Use action “Open external website” or Link element to open uploaded file in a new tab.

Or you can use HTML element with the HTML code to download files on click, like this:

Hope it helps :pray:
Zeroqode Support Team

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Do you have an example of this working in Bubble. Everything I am trying following the three methods linked are getting the same results as if I just used the link element…

  1. If it is pdf, the browser opens the pdf and I can select download, but it doesn’t automatically download it.

  2. If it is an image again browser opens the image and I can select download but no automatic download.

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