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New Plugin - Generate and Download Files

Hey everyone,
we’ve just released a new plugin: Generate and Download Files.

This plugin allows you to generate and download files within your bubble application! You can generate .txt , .json ,.html , .svg files and more. Furthermore, all generated files will be saved within your Bubble application for you to use. You can also specify if the files should be automatically downloaded or just saved. Everytime a new file is generated an Event is triggered.

For a demo please visit:

Plugin page:

For a demo of this plugin within the editor please visit:



Hi, does the app plan need to be pro or above for the plugin to work?

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Hey, you need at least the Personal plan to use this plugin.


Got it, thank you.

Hi, would it be possible to update the generated file so that I always refer to the same url ?

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no unfortunately that won’t be possible as once the file is generated, there is no way for us to access the file and modify it.

Any tips for saving the file directly after it is generated? The pictured workflow results in an “XML Download” object with a blank “File” field. However, if I run it subsequent times, the file field will be populated.

Please use the event that is triggered for that.

„Everytime a new file is generated an Event is triggered. You can use this event to make add the generated file to a thing within your application. „


Ah, yep, good call! Thanks for the quick reply!

Got another one for you:

Would it be possible to add the ability to create & save files via a backend workflow? I understand that the current method of using the GenerateFiles element doesn’t work with backend workflows, but having the option would be great for automatically generating files on a cadence, which is what we’re going for.


unfortunately that’s not possible currently , but it should be doable. We’ll look into that in the future :+1:

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Hi, why is it that only the .txt file opens? If I use any other extension it actually saves as the right file type but when I go to open either a .doc or a PDF I get a message saying “Failed to load PDF Document” or “Pages couldn’t read the file.”

This happens in both my app and in your demo.

It does not work on mobile or is there anything to consider?

Hi @Anticode I am facing issue:


I notice that only in debugger step by step it will work. but if running full speed it does not work.

Things I have tried:
adding delays in front and behind the generation workflow but didnt work

thank you for letting us know.
Can you check if the file is being uploaded at all? Does it work if you save only the uploaded File’s URL as a text?

Kind Regards,