How To Create Download Url Link Like Google Drive

I have a question on how to create a download link like this
to be like this
so the file extension changes to dynamic id

For example, if the file to be downloaded is a digital product, I can manipulate it in the bubble so that only users who have paid can download it, but the download link can be seen on the download page browser or download manager.

The danger is that the user can copy the link and share it on the internet or download it again without accessing the checkout page.

This means that each file must be unique. So the file must be duplicated and made a new name and then downloaded, when it crosses a certain limit the file will be automatically deleted. But I just realized that the bubble database doesn’t store the actual files but uploads directly without renaming options.

I can’t find a solution to make a duplicate file (although I can create 1 more dedicated server to create a download link but can’t rename the file on the server)

It will be painful if i have to upload a file with a specific ID


How about uploading the file to via API after checkout? After uploading, will generate one-time download link that you can share to the buyer.

You can check my sample API implementation here

Ow, I didn’t know there was a website like that, but the website you are referring to has a limit of 100MB.
Thank maybe I’ll look for another website alternative.
I hope that the solution is not using 3rd party.

How about user not using link, but button for downloading to keep your file link safe. You can use action from file downloader plugin (

After user downloading, you can disable the download button or redirect user to another page so they don’t download more than once

Yes, i do that on bubble like unique download page, user logged check, verification, and many more.
But when i use that plugin i just change file name like this

What i mean is change this

I want to change it to be simple like …/download?file=081251d35awd5wda2

Or at least the downloaded file is not the original file but a copy with the ID name so that each download is a unique file and I can track so that it can make that file deleted from Amazon after some time but not the original one
So user will not be able downloading that file again because is not in the server anymore