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Generate a List for Every Record

Hi, everyone:

I am not sure how to proceed.

In my database, I have a datatype called Event that lists all the events that my organization will be hosting for the next year. Events can be added or cancelled at anytime. For each of those events, there needs to be a list of paid attendees (so this is a list within a list). Is there a way for Bubble to create/generate this list for every event/record?

I have yet to integrate Stripe into my app, but I will be when I get to that stage. Is this something done within Stripe?

database structure

datatype name…events

datatype name…attendee
event ref…event

make RG of do a search for events
put a RG inside the event cell. this is do a search for attendee’s with event ref = cur cells event, paid? = yes

when you create a new attendee you need to set the reference event to the event you are trying to add them to, and a workflow that marks them paid = yes when they pay.

Doesn’t this mean I have to create another page just for this RG only?

nope. put it on the same page

if you share your editor ill help