Generating Client Code for Bubble Data API using Swagger Codegen

I’m having problems with the auto-generated client code from Swagger Codegen.

I’m using the Swagger Specification for the Bubble API:

When trying to run the generated client code for Javascript, it sends a correct request (answered by the server with status code 200).
But the data object in the callback seems to be empty. It’s not correctly populating the object’s fields as described in the model (everything is undefined).

Did anybody here get the generated code to run properly?

This url points to your live application. Do you have any data in your live database?
If you want to use your development/test application you will have to edit the host path in your swag spec to point to the development application ( )

It’s pointed to the live version and the request is returning some data.

But the data object in the callback function returns:
exports {}

Ok. I’m not sure I understand your application context here but I’ve successfully used this swag specification to interact with my bubble’s application data and workflow endpoints from a third-party application like dropsource.
So I don’t think the issue is from the swag spec generated by bubble but maybe from your client code using it.

I’m using Swagger’s CodeGen functionality to generate Client code, in my case Javascript.

The API is defined correctly because it gets a response with the data, but this data is not correctly deserialized into the data object.

Ah I see what you mean now.
I haven’t used swagger code generator before so can’t say whats going wrong here.
Let’s wait to hear from someone with experience in that.