Generating random sign up URL?

I am trying to launch my app and basically I want to trigger an email through Zapier to the user once the Stripe payment is completed with link to sign up.

My sign up page is just my app name /signup or [], however anyone with that URL could technically sign up.

Is there a way to generate random URLs in there onboarding email that redirect them to the sign up page? Thanks!

Don’t implement signup at all. Put a redirect on the page.

The webhook you catch from stripe will use “create an account for someone else” action then send a password reset to their email allowing them to set a password.

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That makes more sense. How do I trigger the new user to get the password reset email for them to set a password?

Oh wait, the backend workflow duh…

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You could also go the let anyone signup route but they are stuck in an activation screen until inputting a code you generate which would be far better from an acquisition standpoint.

It’ll allow you to collect emails & remarket to people who’ve yet to pay/activate their account.