Generating 'x' users

Hello everyone.
Is there a way to generate users in a loop?
I did a ‘Do every 0.0001 seconds’ and created the number of object I wanted, but now I need to create Users.
An example of what I want to do:

  • 2 inputs, one for number of classrooms and one for number of students in each classroom
  • create automatically an user for each stundent, the login could be 'number of classroom + number of student", the password some default ‘123’
  • allow each student log in and update the password
    obs.: it’s just an example

Hi @danieldiniz,
You can use Schedule API workflow on a list for this.

Below is another post on the forum that is similar to what you want to do. You basically create a workflow action to Create an account for someone else and then use this in a list scheduled workflow. The post below will give more details.
Let me know if you encounter any issues or have any specific question after going through that post.

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Sorry for the late
I’ll take a look now :slight_smile:

I got it the use of Schedule API, but still don’t know how I create users…
I mean, to create a user in the table User I need to sign up
or create account for someone else, but also didn’t work…
I’m really confused how to do such simple thing

Don’t create users, create a new table called “student signups” or something.

When the student signs up, check the “student signups” table to see if a) it exists b) has not been used already. Only then do you allow them to signup. If they do it successfully, you can update the table to say it has been taken.


I did EXACTLY that :smiley:
I was just testing to see if works and you replied hahaha
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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