GEO Location Google Maps Link issues

I’m not sure where this issue is originating. I’m using Twilio to text a Google Maps link. On Android and IOS phones, I get this error message “Accuracy Low” and it doesn’t bring you to the location on the map. When I use BITLY to shorten the link, it works on IOS but not Android (same error on Android). Has anyone encountered this?

Solved this issue.

The real problem: Bubble only gives you a link for a location in Google maps that is intended for use in a browser, NOT THE GOOGLE MAPS APP. If someone has the app on their phone, then it is the default thing used for opening a google maps link, even if the link won’t work with it.

The solution: You need to create a cross platform URL for your link.

To do this I utilized the “search” parameter and the address of the location as my query parameter. You will have to convert the location by :formatting to address, and then :formatting as URL.