Free Plugin | Map Opener 🧭

I ran into repetitiveness when navigating my users to Google Maps, and a few other functions. This plugin just makes it a bit easier when developing, without having to remember each url structure.


  • Google Map Directions
  • Apple Map Directions
  • Google Map Search
  • Open / Display a Google Map
  • Open / Display a Google Map Panorama
  • Google Map Directions using Waypoints

These all open in new tabs. If you’re using a phone, it’ll open in the default maps app, and if not installed, will open in your default browser.


Hope someone finds it useful :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice job! Does Apple offer a similar url deep link? Like open in Apple Maps?

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Thanks @jared.gibb!

I’m not 100% what you’re asking… but the Apple one will open in Apple Maps:

It uses the base structure of: whereas Google uses So… yes? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same way with the google directions one on an iOS device. If the user has Google Maps installed, it’ll open the default Google client.


:man_facepalming: I’m so blind! Sorry @lantzgould! You rock, man!

Lol! No worries. Thanks, dude!

@lantzgould you keep coming up with super useful stuff!

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@cmarchan Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is neat! I am having trouble triggering the deep link. Currently using the GoNative wrapper and wondering if this is blocking the trigger, or if I am missing something.

Thanks @timzafir!

Good question. I don’t have any experience with a wrapper, or trying this plugin with one for that matter. In theory it should work, as it’s using links provided by Google and Apples documentation.

Does it throw and errors or anything?

The plugin is technically opening the link in a new ‘tab’. I assume if I gave the option to open in the ‘same’ tab it might behave better in a wrapper. (Don’t hold me to it, just a guess) In the meantime I’ll see I’ll try and come up with something tomorrow.

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No errors are being thrown.

I’ve tested on the following devices

  • Desktop (chrome) =opens correctly

*Gonative wrapper on an Iphone = opens correctly to both google maps and apple maths

  • Gonative wrapper on an android= does not open, however can see location icon being triggered.

Is it possible to update the plugin to allow opening in the same tab for a test?

@timzafir Sorry for the delay. I’ve updated the plugin with a new action called ‘Google Maps Directions (Testing)’ for you to test with. It’s the same action, just opens in the same tab.

I’ve been doing some reading on Android links, and will have to think of another way to go about this if the test one doesn’t succeed.

Update the plugin to v2.8.0, then refresh your editor.


So yes it does work. However, on android, it opens up the google maps browser in the window. there is an “open in app” button in the browser that is very sticky. ie needs to be mashed to finally trigger google maps app and sometimes crash.

I reckon this is a wrapper constraint playing havoc. Will let you know how it turns out when we rewrap.

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@lantzgould thanks for the great plugin!

Would it be simple for you to allow a list of geographic addresses from the database to be used as waypoints?

Or is there a way to take that list from the database and format it to suit this field?

Update: I applied the same formatting in docs to the formatted geographic addresses but there is a limit of 9 stops.


@timzafir any updates on your comment? with google maps?

Two quick points:

  1. This is awesome. It took me maybe 5 minutes to implement it to open Apple Maps.
  2. You REALLY should charge for this. I gladly would have paid a $10-$20 on-time fee for this. But I will be making a donation to you!
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Glad to hear! And thank you again for your support!

Way is this plugin gone ?

Hey I need this too

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