Geographic Address Component - Place Name?

I would like to use the name of addresses if google has it. For example, chipotle shown below. But when I click that geographic address I can’t see it as a component anywhere. Can anyone provide guidance on how to use this place name?

Check out this plugin! Google Maps Extended Plugin | Bubble

I’m not seeing the place name in here. Can you clarify?

Im not sure I have this correct, I am doing a search for the searchbox’s addresses long and lat to get the places name, but nothing returns…?

Did you input your API key into the plugin?

Im thinking this might be the right API to call but it is requiring a PlaceID. So how do I get the PlaceID from the geographic address input and send that to this workflow?

Hmm my apologies. You don’t even need the plugin. All you need to do is go into your searchbox and for the field “Choice Style” select the dropdown and simply select on Geographic Location.

Oh no I already have that selected. But the components from a geographic address do not have the Place name as an option. It looks like this plugin does, but I can’t seem to find a way to enter a dynamic placeID based on the searchbox geographic address input.

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