How to convert geographic address to Google Place?


I have a search box where people can select a location that then gets saved as a geographic address, like below. It works quite well as in you can type an establishment name or a street address and it intuitively finds the right place:

However, when I want to display this as a text later on, it only shows the street address, but not the name of the premise / place name, which is key to have:
Screenshot 2023-10-24 130852

I have tried a couple of things which did not work:
– Extract function on the geographic address: E.g. extract Premise, returns empty
– Convert to Google Place: I tried this with both text and location / radius search and it either does not work or returns “London” as the place name rather than the name of the restaurant I am using as an example

Very grateful for any suggestions. What I am trying to achieve:
– Have functional and intuitive search box
– Display the place name thereafter if a premise was selected

Many thanks!

Have you connected the Google Places API to your API connector and then use that to get the name by passing in the address details as the parameter of the call and displaying the response with the name if it is available?