Geographic address conversion to string


I have a field in bubble with type “geographic address” but when I make a call from dropsource to fetch this via api I am not able to bind it ti a text element. Dropsource does not have a geographic address data type. Can you please let me know how this can be acomplished.

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I’m no expert on Dropsource (perhaps @seanhoots will chime in here), but in case this is helpful:

Note that, in Bubble, the text representation of the address represented by the geographic address type can be retrieved as:

a_geographic_address's formatted address

This resolves to a string (“text” data type in Bubble).

Hey @ssksubash, a geographic address in bubble is actually a 3 field type - latitude, longitude and address name.
So in dropsource you see all geographic fields coming in from bubble as having 3 fields, lat, lng, and address.

For example in the image below, the aroudlocation field (highlighted in yellow) is a geographic locaiton defined in bubble.
As you can see when you expand that field (click on the black down arrow) it reveals the three fields i mentioned above.
The lat and lng fields are number (float) fields while the address field is a string field which is the text value for the address.

So if all you want is so display the textual address name, then you can bind the address field to any text field or string page/device variable.
The address value is will give you the same value as calling a_geographic_address's formatted address in bubble that @keith explained above.


If you want to do the opposite, that is save a geographic address from dropsource to your bubble database you will have to provide these three fields.

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I tried sending the values lat, long and address from dropsource and I am getting a binding error - binding for this property is invalid. I defined lat and long as two hidden text fields that I am using google places placeid to get the values and I am binding the float values that are obtained form the api call to the lat and long text view fields. When I am binding, I am picking the float values form the text views.

I am also seeing the similar error while trying to fetch geographic address from bubble . I am receiving the following error - This response field is a GeographicAddress type but it is bound to an element property of an incompatible type.

I am binding lat, long and address to text views as there is no element to bind to float.


@seanhoots, it was an API error. Once I updated the API, I am able to follow your directions and it works.

Thank you